The house is ecological-economic and features excellent insulation, triple glazing, heat recovery and retention tanks for watering the garden.

Green bricks for design and interiors have been reworked and used from the original toolroom building. Bricks tell the history and beauty of the original building. This way we did not take the bricks to the landfill, but instead they decorate the wall in the interior and in the corridors.

We designed the Atmosfera Residence project with an emphasis on ecology, economy and design of the operation of the apartment. We focused not only on the possibility of efficient use of space, but mainly on measures that save the operating costs of the apartment, which are a significant item in the budget.

Specific energy consumption for heating

How are the estimated operating cost at Atmosfera Residence?

The estimated cost of normal operating costs for a typical singl loft apartment is CZK 3.000 / month. In a larger loft, of course, the operating cost are a little higher, but it always depends on you what you consume. This amount includes heating, hot and cold water, lighting and cleaning of common areas, household waste, operating fund, lift, internet and home management via own portal This amount does not includes dowpayment for the electricity in the flat of CZK 500 - 1.000 / month depending on your consumption.